All good things come to an end…


Today we have a dinner here at school with the teachers and the pupils. As you already know, this month it’s the Ramadan and for this occasion we thought it would be nice to organize an iftar. All the pupils will bring some food tonight and we will have a party to celebrate the end of the school year.

It’s only a theoretical end, because we still have our exams ahead. We wish you all good luck.

Some good advice:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Eat healthy
  • Make a planning and summarize the lessons

It was a good year. Thank you for all the support, the views and the comments. It was a pleasure to share all this news and thoughts with you. We thank miss Polat for her incredible idea. This was our last post on our blog.

Have a nice vacation!

We love you all LMS! ❤






A day to remember…

Dear readers,

As you already know, Friday the third of May we had an incredible show and prom. It was a fantastic day. We did funny things and we discovered a lot of hidden talents. We didn’t know that our class could act, dance and sing like that!

We had two dancers making extraordinary dance moves. Minutes after the room was filled with beautiful sounds when one of the girls sang “The climb” by Miley Cyrus and when the beautiful choir of the sixth grade sang “Together” from the film “High School Musical”.

We also organized a surprise for our favourite teacher, miss Polat. We performed  “baby shark” in honour of baby Helin. ❤

The whole show was based on the “Hollywood Oscars”. Students and teachers received awards and gifts for their contributions to the school.

Later in the day, we had our prom. The boys and the girls were beautiful and the guests also. The prom king and queen were chosen by the guests.

Many thanks to all the teachers and students who helped us before, during and after the show and prom.

You are amazing LMS!!!!

We love you all!!



Promnight @ LMS

Hey guys,

As you know we will organize a promnight on the third of May.

The theme is Hollywood Glamour. We would like you all to come and look your very best. Bring a lover with you to dance all night long.

The tickets are available with the students of the sixth grade.

Be there or be square!




Hi everyone

As you know this week is the week of poetry, so we wrote a poem for this occassion.        We hope you will like it ❤ ! If you have a poem, feel free to share with us. We are waiting for your poems!


“What is freedom actually?

Freedom is something that you need

To be free to do what your heart wants

To feel what someone with freedom lives

To love people that you really want

To be grateful for the things that you have got” 



Birthday party


Dear students of LMS

It will be a short post for today because we are too busy celebrating the birthday of our dear blogger V.!

It’s her 18th birthday today and we organised a surprise party for her. We wish her a lifetime of happiness. ❤

Tell us your birthday so we can wish you a happy birthday as well!!!

Kind regards
The Bloggers!

Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone,

As you know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And the sixth year of LMS is going to sell roses for this occasion. Red roses are a sign of love and white roses are a sign of friendship. It’s up to you to choose the right rose for the right person.  You can make someone happy anonymously or reveal your name to the person. So, don’t hesitate to visit us!

The sales are going to be from Monday 21th January to Tuesday 5th February.

You will receive the roses on Thursday 14th February.

You can make your loved one happy for just €2.rose