Nice to meet you !

Who are we ?


You may wonder who we are so let us present ourselves!

We are , indeed, four students of LMS. You might have already heard about us. We are in our last year of high school. Being the administrators of this blog, we will share a lot of news with you.

Now let’s talk about who we are!

We are four girls.

Three of us study human science and one of us studies science.

Our first names start with the following letters: V,N,L and S.


Can you guess who we are?

filles-réglées-4a-silhouette-4185075Get to know more about us in the next post !!!!!


8 gedachten over “Nice to meet you !

  1. we are sleeping but until all of a sudden she mood throws stones at the window because we left the key on the door we thought it was a monster had happened what because we had the last hut that was next to the forest we thought it was a wolf is the animal a monster

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