An anecdote

Hello everyone  🙂

How are you doing today?  We are doing great !

Today we will share an anecdote with you.
Forgive us dear teachers for disappointing you but we need to tell this.

One night, during our trip to Oteppe we went out to chill all together in the woods. During this little walk we saw a scary silhouette in the dark. We were terrified so we all ran to our rooms without the teachers discovering anything.

What about you? What is your best anecdote of LMS?

We are waiting for your answers!

P.S.: The silhouette looked like this:



22 gedachten over “An anecdote

    1. Owhh so scary.
      My anecdote happens in my lesson ‘Fysica’. We are watching a fragment about ‘Archimedes’ with the whole classe. On my leftside there was a skelet. The skelet watches on the back of the class. During the fragment I heard some sounds (I was a little bit scaried) and when the fragment was done I saw with my friend that the skelet turn round and watches to me. I was so scaried that I run with my friend out the class!!

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  1. My anecdote is when we were in Oteppe, but it is an ordinary anecdote.
    Katia had cut herself and a teacher entered our chalet.This day had we to clean the chalet.
    Dikra asked the teacher to take off his shoes,he wanted to know why and she replied:
    “Because I’m cleaning up!”

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  2. Once I was lost in the hospital. Suddenly I entered a corridor where there was no light. At the end of this corridor I saw a bright light. I got so scared that I ran away immediately. Once I reached the elevators I noticed that this was the hall where the morgue was. 😦

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