Beauty Bag

Hi guys,

Today we are delighted to share some items out of our beauty bags with you.

  • I am Veronika and I have a lot of make up in my bag. My favourite product is my Mac lipstick and eyeliner by Nyx.
  • I am Nisrine and my bag is full of make up as well. My most frequently used products are the blush by Benefit and my liquid lipstick by Smashbox.

 Like most girls we are beauty addicts!!


What are your favourite products?

If you have any questions, you can always ask us!

Like and share !!!

See you soon!

9 gedachten over “Beauty Bag

  1. I am Katia and yes, I also use make-up. One of my favorite parts of my face are the eyebrows. I use the pencil from kiko. For my eyes I use volume-elixer from Yves Rocher that makes my eyes bigger and more beautiful.

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  2. I’m Kate and yes,I also use make-up.One of my favorite parts of my 👩🏼 are the eyebrows therefor I use the ✏ from kiko.And for my 👀-lashes I use the volume-elixir from Yves Rocher.

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