Hey guys

As you already know, we will soon have exams.

We will be absent for a while, so before we leave we would like to give you some tips for your exams.

In this post you’ll read 3 golden tips to pass your exams!!!

Number 1: Sleep is necessary to take rest and to pass your exam the next day.

Number 2: To be well prepared it is important to make a good summary for each subject. (P.S.: start early with this!!)

Number 3: Eat a varied diet and avoid too much fat and sugar. Also, have a large breakfast every morning.

If you want  to share more tips:  go ahead!

We wish you good luck for your exams.

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See you soon!

kisses 😉



Beauty Bag 2

Hi everyone !

Sorry boys, but today we have a little thing for the girls.

We would like to tell you about our favourite make-up items.

LINA: So, my favourite products are the banana powder by W7 and the highlighter palette by Sleek. You could say that I can’t live without them.

SARA: My essential makeup products are the contour palette by Revolution Makeup and the mascara ‘Better Than Sex’ by Too Faced.

Mrs. Polat: I cannot live without my concealer by Helena Rubinstein (see below). If I don’t use this, my students would mistake me for a ZOMBIE!

If you would like to test our products, let us know !

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor make up  20012298_M

Kissesss 🙂

Sara and Lina

Beauty Bag

Hi guys,

Today we are delighted to share some items out of our beauty bags with you.

  • I am Veronika and I have a lot of make up in my bag. My favourite product is my Mac lipstick and eyeliner by Nyx.
  • I am Nisrine and my bag is full of make up as well. My most frequently used products are the blush by Benefit and my liquid lipstick by Smashbox.

 Like most girls we are beauty addicts!!


What are your favourite products?

If you have any questions, you can always ask us!

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See you soon!

An anecdote

Hello everyone  🙂

How are you doing today?  We are doing great !

Today we will share an anecdote with you.
Forgive us dear teachers for disappointing you but we need to tell this.

One night, during our trip to Oteppe we went out to chill all together in the woods. During this little walk we saw a scary silhouette in the dark. We were terrified so we all ran to our rooms without the teachers discovering anything.

What about you? What is your best anecdote of LMS?

We are waiting for your answers!

P.S.: The silhouette looked like this:


Nice to meet you !

Who are we ?


You may wonder who we are so let us present ourselves!

We are , indeed, four students of LMS. You might have already heard about us. We are in our last year of high school. Being the administrators of this blog, we will share a lot of news with you.

Now let’s talk about who we are!

We are four girls.

Three of us study human science and one of us studies science.

Our first names start with the following letters: V,N,L and S.


Can you guess who we are?

filles-réglées-4a-silhouette-4185075Get to know more about us in the next post !!!!!